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Social Media for Teachers
Laura Gardner, NBCTMay 26, 2017

If you’re not yet using social media to connect with students, parents and other teachers, you’re missing out! Read on to find out simple ways to use social media to celebrate students, inform parents and the community, connect with other teachers and generally up your game! What Apps? Each app has a specific audience and purpose in education. Facebook is great for connecting with parents; they love to tag each other in posts that include students. Twitter is my favorite for connecting with other educators, especially Twitter chats (here is a pretty comprehensive list of Twitter education chats). Instagram and…

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When Human Life is Quiet, We Can Hear What’s Important
Megan Allen, NBCTMay 26, 2020

I listen to NPR frequently in the mornings (self-confession of a middle-aged woman). One story in particular this week pointed out something I have been noticing lately—it sounds like my neighborhood birds have multiplied and found microphones. During the past eight (gulp) weeks of hunkering down at home, the songbirds in my small Massachusetts town are in full force and not practicing social distancing—but chirping loudly, early, and in a beautifully large symphonic nature.  People are noticing this phenomenon in more places than my sleepy little New England town. In one call with a colleague in New York City, he…

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You Matter, Don’t Forget to Breathe
Jacquelyn Fabian, NBCTSeptember 14, 2020

I’m staring out at my classroom. The tables are all facing one way, front and center. Tape designates each chair’s placement. I hesitated to put up decorations in my new classroom because I’m not sure what decorations are even allowed right now. Everything simply feels eerily – cold. Let me be clear. I did not expect this school year to be “normal.” However, I was optimistic about the challenges and opportunities for growth. I would be remiss, however, to neglect the fact that in our hybrid setting, everything has been completely turned on its head. Bathroom breaks for students and…

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The Silver Lining of the Black Box
Mia Manduca, NBCTJune 10, 2021

I teach to Black Boxes. At the beginning of the school year teaching, psychology to high school seniors on Zoom was intimidating and confusing. Black boxes with names like “Saucy” and “Nugget” didn’t match my roster and with no visual cues, I couldn’t tell the difference between Kiana and Kiara. But I did understand protecting their privacy. A camera in your home is invasive. Some Boston students are homeless or live in crowded situations, and sometimes a teenager is just a teenager — self-conscious and easily embarrassed. Yet, while these black boxes persisted, a few months into the year something…

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Developing Your PLN, Early and Always
Sarah Giddings, NBCTFebruary 10, 2017

From the first day I stepped foot into my class in a small urban public high school, I realized one reality about teaching. Traditionally, the classroom can be one of the most isolating places to be for an educator. Although this is not my experience today, it took me a long time, many tears, and much frustration to find a sustainable network of educators that I could learn from regardless of classroom, location or grade level. This accessible group of educator peers is usually called a professional learning network, or PLN. When I graduated from college, I stayed in touch…

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Engaging students to create social change
Ambereen Khan-Baker, NBCTMarch 12, 2016

How do you prepare students to go beyond critical thinking and discussion, and to take action to better their communities and the world? How do we engage students to create social change? On March 10, I attended one of Teaching and Learning pre-conference sessions, Social Leadership: MALALA and How To Turn Your Students Into Activists at the Newseum. The topic spoke to me as a teacher of 11th graders in an  AP Language and Composition course. My students have to demonstrate that they are “informed citizens” of their community.  By understanding the craft of rhetoric, they are better consumers of…

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